Equitable Distribution

To be clear, we do not have food shortage problems. We have social justice, and equitable distribution of food problems coupled with wanton disregard for the sacred soil beneath our feet.

In 30 years we can provide a realistic logistical means through NGO players already active in the community, and community members themselves to deliver farm products to those who need it, and make sure regenerative farmers are compensated commensurate with the time and effort input to their products. It could fundamentally change the economy of the State of Virginia. The quality of life improvement alone for those in need would impact the state’s health and educational systems in ways that would have incredible positive effects on surrounding communities in countless ways for generations to come. 

Mood and behavior changes are common in both adults and children with poor diets. Depression, irritability, and thinking impairment, caused by these circumstances can be debilitating. Physical manifestations of the problems in access to adequate nutrition and healthful foods are tantamount to the mental issues it also causes. The lack of access, and lack of capital causes poor food decisions to be made, many times out of anxiety or desperation and subsequently it’s obesity rate is 30.1%. We see no reason given the current circumstances, and what is available to us as a society, but not being properly used or distributed for any of this to have to persist. 

In the future we can effectively end hunger in our state & at the same time radically encourage and transform our environment through regenerative farming. Our hope is that with wide acceptance of our vision we can change the trajectory of the lives of those suffering & their children, and begin to return to the pastoral vision of the holistic family farmer.

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